New School Setup

While setting up a new school, there are many points to be considered such as target location, group, infrastructure, affiliation, and recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff, develop school policies, development of curriculum & extra-curricular activities, technology, and school supplies. All of these are the key points and need to be fulfilled within a certain time frame.

For a first-time entrepreneur, it is too difficult to manage everything, and there exactly Skill Share comes into picture giving the right direction and in right amount of time.

Planning A New School

With every new school, there are new opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed. Our team of consultants and experts assists the school management to focus on the key points such as collating information about competitor school, preferences of parents, curriculum offered in schools in vicinity, marketing, branding, affiliations, statutory compliances and approvals. Our team ensures that:

  • We make a detailed school set up plan along with a practical timeline and budget.
  • We provide a detailed project report keeping in mind the key aspects suggested by our consultants for immediate action.
  • We prepare school set up report by consulting the promoters and engaging the other stakeholders so that the school management agrees upon the report coverage.

Establishing a New School

Depending upon the type of school, it takes around 8 months to 2 years to make it functioning and operational. The school is designated a team that works on your site. The team members at Skill Share collaborate with business stakeholders, academic and non-academic team members, and marketing personnel at the school. With this association, timelines are drafted for the school launch.

The project proposal includes the number of resources, budget and every other important factor to fasten the implementation process. However, it is suggested that school management shall not make unnecessary pressure and changes to project proposal which may hamper the output quality.

The team at Skill Share will start working on following aspects for school launch:

Legal compliances and statutory approvals: Step-by-step procedures and guidance is provided by Skill Share team to get the necessary approvals and compliances from government authorities. Also, get affiliations from CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and state government boards.

Planning and infrastructure: Get assistance for site master plan, architecture and design services for the school

Set up of academic centers: We help establish laboratory, library, play grounds and more.

Establish curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs: Set up and execution of such programs and activities as per the needs of students.

Recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff: Hire the high-quality teaching & non-teaching, and administration staff

Policy making: We propose policy document which upon approval of school management is printed as a policy handbook.

Educational resources: Skill Share conducts sill development and training programs for stakeholders of school management.

School Supplies: Get school supplies and other such materials, for illustration- furniture, smart boards, school uniforms, educational aid and more.

Tech-aided process: Prepare for tech-assisted and high-quality teaching and learning.

Transportation: Get suggestions for transportation vendors, set up procedures for child safety and security, assistance for recruitment of transport staff such as drivers, attendants and cleaners.

Branding: We propose branding strategy for positioning, identity, website design & development, set up branding campaigns to create awareness amongst target audience educating and engaging them.

Marketing: Our team design and strategize marketing campaigns developing content and creative to promote the school.

Admission process: Skill Share team designs the best plans and strategies for admission process including counsellors, and enquiry handling helpdesk to convert potential students into enrolments.

Managing a New School

Skill Share has a track record of managing schools delivering high-quality results as per the requirements of schools. Our team has assisted the schools those encountering the challenges of student enrolments, efficient teaching-learning process within set budget and timeline. The school management is provided assistance by Skill Share team assisting them in handling and managing operations of the school.

Academic consultants: Suggest plans and strategies to provide guidance in order to reach the set goals and milestones for which school management has agreed upon.

School operational procedures and management systems: Craft policies, day-to-day operations and tech-assisted communication, tracking progress report and implementation processes.

Supporting academics: We set the benchmark and roadmap for academics and also provide support to recruit academicians meeting other requirements.

Establishment of learning centers: Our team offers assistance in establishing and setting up of learning centers such as laboratories, library, play grounds, assembly ground and more.

Marketing and branding: Skill Share suggests comprehensive plan for branding and marketing through different modes such as website, social media and print media.

Procurement of resources: We assist in procurement of resources at various levels within stipulated budget of the schools. Schools can rely on Skill Share for following resources- stationery, uniform, furniture, technology and others. We have more than 400 vendors across India.


How to Open a CBSE Board School
Starting a school is a significant and large-scale business venture. Every school has its own curriculum that is affiliated to one of the education boards. The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the oldest, well-known, and well-established boards in the Indian education system.
Different steps to be followed to start a CBSE school are as mentioned below:
How much does it cost to build and run a school?
The minimum land requirement by CBSE is 1.5 Acres but there is a host of factors which can play a part in this requirement such as Type of City, Population, Location of the land, Type of Property etc.
Area to building a School
A school normally requires construction in phases
Phase 1: 20,000 sq ft to 25,000 sq ft construction – Year 1
Phase 2: 12,000 sqft- 15,000 sq ft – year 3
Phase 3: 6,000 sqft – 10,000 sq ft – Year 4
You multiply these numbers with Rs 1000 – 1,400 per sq feet and this will give you a ballpark costing of construction plus furniture. Over and above this you can spend on Marketing, Landscaping, Sports Facilities etc. That is completely dependent on the promoter’s vision.
A School has to have an affiliation from the State Board. It doesn’t matter if it is eventually affiliated to CBSE / ICSE or IB Board. Education is a state subject, hence the can have any affiliation but State Board Affiliation / Permission is mandatory.
Steps to be followed for affiliation (Essential):
Register/ Lease the Plot of Land
The Land on which the school will be built has to be either leased out or should be in the name of the society or the trust. The land should within the city limits with an area of 1 to 1.5acres with one place and in one piece with pucca boundary wall.
GET THE STATE BOARD AFFILIATION – Once the building and the staff is ready, open admissions. Simultaneously go to the local education office in most cases DEO (District Education Office) and register by paying the fee. Post inspection of the school premises and after taking the relevant information they will provide the society/trust with required certification.
Fill the Non – Proprietary in the form of Affidavit and duly notarized
One has to mention the name of the members of the society and the chairman has to take an oath saying none of them are related. The format has to get stamped by a first degree magistrate. All the documents to be scanned and submitted online. Affiliation fee has to be paid as per the guidelines and authorized bank.
Please consult your lawyer before using the same Non-Proprietary Format. In the new Bye Laws (2018), it is available on page 54 & 55 as APPENDIX-IV
Register for Affiliation on the CBSE’s website
Register your school Online on the CBSE Official website.
After taking the printout of confirmation page of the online application form, the same duly signed by the Principal and Manager of the school along with enclosures and CBSE copy of fee payment challan shall be sent to the Board.
Council Inspection:
CBSE Board Council members inspect the campus for the fulfillment of all requirements and give affiliation for the one year. A letter shall be sent to the school mentioning about the officials who have been deputed to inspect the school.
Keep all the files ready for inspection. Keep checking for the status in the online for affiliation.
SkillShare team would help the client to fulfil all the requirements of the affiliation and keep a check on the activities going on in the school.

How to Open an ICSE Board School
The school must obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Government.
The governing body of the school must be registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act,1860 to prove its non-profit motive.
The medium of instruction in your school must be English as ICSE grants affiliation only to the English medium schools.
The land area for senior secondary schools must not be less than 4,000 and for secondary schools it should be approximately 2,000, with a suitable building constructed on one part of the land and a proper playground on the remaining part.
The school must have a well-equipped library with a minimum of 2,500 books.
There must be separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, each equipped with all the necessary apparatus & equipment.
The school must appoint the teachers in accordance with the minimum qualifications laid down by the council.
The pay scale and other allowances must not be less than those of other schools in the state and employees must be entitled to other benefits like provident fund, medical, gratuity etc.
The fee charged by the school should be equivalent to the facilities provided by the school.
The schools must not accept donations or capitation fees for the purpose of admissions of students.
The school must maintain a proper record of the attendance of the students and this record must be signed by the principal.

Efforts that count

Journey of thousands of miles start with a single step and that’s all what you have to do. Take your first step by joining hands with Skill Share and rest will be done by our passionate team. Our team members will connect with trustees and entrepreneurs who can offer financial aid to set up a new school in India. Affiliation is the key step and thus, we help you to get the desired affiliation, be it CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB. We also assist you to decide on the number of grades and curriculums.

Since we already have connection with partners, consultants and other stakeholders of education, thus, execution and implementation time is way lesser than you think.

Key considerations where Skill Share helps the management to set up a new school in India

  • Providing research & analysis report to identify the perfect location and its feasibility
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and design that fits your budget
  • Market survey report to check the socio-economic condition of target location and group
  • Create fee structure
  • Branding & marketing
  • Setting targets for number of admissions and achieving it
  • Developing school policies and statutory compliance for proper school functioning
  • Getting affiliation, arranging finances and planning budget
  • Recruiting high-quality staff through training workshops
  • Associating with national and international-level educational organizations


How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

Procedure to be followed as per IGCSE Board:

  1. School to submit the application.

  2. Board representatives/council would inspect the school fitness for affiliation

  3. Council shall process and verify the documents.

  4. If the council is satisfied the criteria, affiliation is provided.

For infrastructure and other guidelines, kindly schedule a business meet with us.

How to Start an ICSE Affiliated School in India?

The Procedure to be followed as per ICSE board:

  1. School has to submit the application.

  2. ObtainNo Objection Certificate from the state.

  3. Submit the required documents.

  4. Council shall processand verify all the documents.

  5. Council shall provide affiliation(if satisfied)

For infrastructure and other guidelines, kindly schedule a business meet with us.

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

The essential documents to be submitted as per CBSE board are:

  1. Copy of Registration letter of the Society, under Society Registration Act.

  2. Land Certificate from concerned authority.

  3. Affidavit of non- proprietary character of society.

  4. NOC letter from the Education Department of the state.

For infrastructure and other guidelines, kindly schedule a business meet with us.

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