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Collating Data

Coming together is a beginning... 

Staying together is progress 


 Working together is Success 

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School Management

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Franchise Model

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Exclusive Pre-schools/Play Schools


Why IIT,JEE & NEET Foundation Course??

IIT JEE and NEET are highly celebrated exams in India and

 potential engineers and doctors consider these two entrances the primary goal of their life. Comprehending this passion, Skill Share offers foundation  courses for these exams. The foundation courses introduce aspirants to competitive world of entrances and increase their critical thinking ability to face the exam. These courses are helpful in consistent 


Significance of English Language Lab

English is considered to be global language so it needs to be learnt effectively. English language lab plays 

a vital role in English learning process. It is a technical tool for learning with advanced facilities to be 

proficient at English. English Language Lab focuses on 4

 foundational skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking 

and Writing. These labs help in making language learning interactive and entertaining.

Significance of Teacher Orientation Programs

Teachers are the decisive factor of tomorrow’s society.

 They are the greatest asset of society and influence the lives of students deeply. SkillShare thus, emphasizes on bringing out the best from the teachers by organizing orientation programs. This orientation helps them to adapt to the latest teaching manners and environment. The interaction between new and old teachers helps them share experience and fresh thoughts.

Need help in managing School?

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