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School Management

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Franchise Model

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Exclusive Pre-schools/Play Schools

School Management

Schools face a tough time in managing academic and administrative departments with efficiency but Skill Share is an expert in both. We believe in Walk the Talk philosophy and have extended exemplary services to our clients. Since establishment, our team has satisfied every customer to the fullest and never disappointed any client with late or inefficient job. Skill Share is a state-of-the-art venture which works in commitments. It marvels in setting up and making successful International, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Board Schools which are proven holders of sustainability and good corporate citizenship through its dedicated employees serving across India. Skill Share provides all services under single roof. We rely only upon the expertise of our consultancy team and their potential to ensure the best practices and ideas in developing a high-quality learning environment. They are fully qualified and ever-learning to cope up with ever-expanding technical panoramas. Our aim is to provide service of the highest standards to our clients and to ensure that their requirements are met in a in a cost-effective manner and within time-limits. Our extensive range of services spans the entire school startup journey in the most intellectual way. From the very first conceptualization of the project to each step leading to a successfully running school, our team digs into every fact and figure to do their job in an unanticipated best way. Skill Share monitors every functioning and specifically the designing of school to ensure that infrastructure is complementing the curricular and organizational needs of the institution as well as with other consultancies associated with the project. Skill Share is expert in organizational development activities as well. It successfully conducts school audits and suggests Institutional Road Map for development and curriculum benchmark for five years ahead. Academic Consultants: Plan strategies and provide guidance to achieve the operational goals and mark the milestones mutually agreed upon. School Management Systems and Procedures: Coins policies for operations, procedures, and technology based communication and reporting system. It also assists in effective implementation of these policies. Academics Support: Skill Share assures continuous support to the staff and management in following the rules set up by the board. It supplies desired manpower with best skills. It prepares roadmap to achieve targets and become a benchmark. Development of Learning Centers: Provide assistance in up gradation or set up of learning centers like labs, library, play courts, etc. Image building exercise & Marketing Support: Suggest activities for brand visibility, suggest and support in implementation of digital, print media strategies including website, twitter, whatsapp, outdoor activities, etc. Resources Procurement: A wide range of resources shall be suggested to suit the budgets of the school. For procurement, around 400 vendors across the country shall be directed for school supplies, learning centers supplies and stationery supplies.

Franchise Model

Franchise model proves to be more successful than proprietorship as it comes with benefits of short time installation and less cost employed as it is easy to get financed for franchise than for own business from investors. A franchise model is preferred as it comes with initial training and blueprint towards success of the business. A franchisor is equally benefited with royalty and initial fee in return to its established name, guidance and support to the franchisee. Though franchise model is benefitting to both, franchisee and franchisor but it is a must to do a critical research on how to maintain cash flow when investing in a franchise. Since franchisee business helps to kick start an already famous name into your business. Running an already successful brand with expert guidance and support makes it a profitable undertaking. This high profit scope made franchise model much splurged in recent years. An independent venture is immensely demanding in terms of economic and ideation attributes. You need to start everything from point zero and risk of failure always persists. Also, once the business comes into working stage, promotions and marketing are quite costly, both in monetary and intellectual aspects. In franchisee, most of the promotions are already done and the product is settled in the minds of customers. No doubt that the franchisees were once independent businesses only, so if you put in the best efforts and intellectual ideas then your business can become a franchise too. Observing all the benefits of franchise model and potential of self made business Skill Share is equally active in establishments of schools and setting up of franchise models. For franchising the product, Skill Share ensures good demand of the product in the market accompanied with dedicated professionals with at least 20-30 years of experience in their niches.

Exclusive Pre-Schools/Play Scools

Importance of Preschool Learning Foundations are supposed to be the strongest and that is the backing reason that parents emphasize on preschool learning for developing strong base for child education. In the initial 5 years of life, every event is a learning opportunity for a child and this is the time that they build up the learning and comprehension manners for life. Preschool education thus functions as a vital platform to kick start efficient and productive understanding of concepts to children for their scholastic success. At preschool, a child is introduced to primary learning of education essentials like numbers, alphabets, shapes, surrounding elements, etc. The frame of installing learning in child develops from this very stage and persists for life. So, you must emphasize on making learning fun for child and ensuring to realize the importance of knowledge to them. Preschool education is crucial to a wholesome growth of your child and basis of their academic journey. A child who is fed with precise knowledge in the most intellectual and productive manner are expected to be academically strong and happy in later school life. Teaching age complementing concepts with efficiency makes them good learner for future. Benefits of Preschool Education: ●It makes a strong foundation of focusing in class. ●Sets up a framework for advanced learning. ●Rolls child into routine of knowledge and activities. ●Helps them in developing social skills. Benefits of preschool learning are not just out of air but backed up by many studies. Because of its efficiency in forming up the roots of learning in a child, many states made preschool education compulsory and free. When a child enters kindergarten with prerequisite knowledge, it is easy for them to embark on advanced learning. The bottom line is that preschool learning is unparalleled measure for developing strong learning thought process in a child. Skill Share sets efficient and thoughtful Pre Schools with many years of experience in this field. Our school setting process begins from figuring out the best location and then legally finalizing it. After that Skill Share poses utmost attention to developing infrastructure according to the needs and suggestions of experts, keeping all the psychological norms of mind growth like color and pictures into consideration. Skill Share supplies required manpower and provides training to the staff to organize student-parent counseling, efficient teaching manners, orientation programs for parents, Child Psychology and pedagogy training etc. It manages to generate financial support for the schools by organizing activities like camps, tuitions, hobby classes, talent hubs etc. Teachers are trained in order to extend the best-in-class practices of teaching. They are guided in the development of worksheets, question papers and assignment. Skill Share leaves no stone unturned to make its every venture a success and for that the enrollment process is supported by training the marketing team to convince admissions within desired time. Services towards Pre-Schools from Skill Share takes place in two ways: ●Services are availed with the negotiated fixed amount finalized with the owner of the school and a franchise model development with all quality practices in place is assured. ●A specific amount is charged for processing the setting up of location and staff, making the organization operational and getting it ready for financial outputs. Pre-schools/Playschools are equipped with the following features: ●Identification and sorting of location/ site/ building, performing of feasibility test/ market survey and liaison with the buyer and seller/ client ●Design, set up and launch of school ●Marketing support-commitment given in written for the desired number of admissions ●Creative design including diary, report card, fliers, banners, logo design, website, etc. ●Schedules including time tables, menu chart, daycare schedule, etc. ●Description of monthly activities and events ●Templates of all the formats to be followed like-appointment letters, job description, TCs, Bona fide certificates, offer letters, appointment letters, etc. ●Academic Calendar-Including monthly activities ●Setting up of learning corners ●Suggesting better publication & quality digital content


Why IIT,JEE & NEET Foundation Course??

IIT JEE and NEET are highly celebrated exams in India and

 potential engineers and doctors consider these two entrances the primary goal of their life. Comprehending this passion, Skill Share offers foundation  courses for these exams. The foundation courses introduce aspirants to competitive world of entrances and increase their critical thinking ability to face the exam. These courses are helpful in consistent 


Significance of English Language Lab

English is considered to be global language so it needs to be learnt effectively. English language lab plays 

a vital role in English learning process. It is a technical tool for learning with advanced facilities to be 

proficient at English. English Language Lab focuses on 4

 foundational skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking 

and Writing. These labs help in making language learning interactive and entertaining.

Significance of Teacher Orientation Programs

Teachers are the decisive factor of tomorrow’s society.

 They are the greatest asset of society and influence the lives of students deeply. SkillShare thus, emphasizes on bringing out the best from the teachers by organizing orientation programs. This orientation helps them to adapt to the latest teaching manners and environment. The interaction between new and old teachers helps them share experience and fresh thoughts.

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