Continuous Improvement is better

                                 than delayed perfection

Existing School Improvement

School Feedback Reports

School Improvement Plan

Existing School Improvement

A school is set up with lots of passion to contribute to society, however, there can be many setbacks that keep them away from their desired goals such as poor quality of academic & non-academic staff, lack of curriculum, improper financial planning, short of technological advancements, not getting enough number of enrolments and more. In tough times of school, Skill Share extends its helping hand as per the mutual agreement between school and Skill Share. The services can be complete takeover of school, recruiting right people, supervise the activities in the school and provide suggestions, enhance number of admissions and train the school staff and much more. Skill Share completely understand the challenges of schools and has gained expertise over the years to prepare infrastructure, procedures and set up of guidelines, keep technology in place and increase admissions with the right curriculum. And all of it is done irrespective of size and kind of school it is. Skill Share has a proven track record of delivering beyond commitments as it is equipped with a strong and experienced team who are passionate about what they do. Our team has experience of diverse backgrounds that are tech-savvy and committed to education industry.

School Feedback Reports

Enabling the SWOT analysis procedure, Skill Share team starts with an audit of the school. Firstly, the team identifies all the strong points, weak points, available opportunities and plausible threats to the organization. The comprehensive analysis is conducted on the basis of infrastructure, academic curriculum, program structure, school staff and more. Once the analysis is done, a detailed 5-year plan is prepared and finalized.

School Improvement Plan

The 5-year plan is prepared for a school depending upon the analysis conducted by our team. The various aspects of curriculum growth are called benchmarks of curriculum and growth of organization is called institution road map; these are also known as management tools for improvement.

Skill Share 

Digital Classroom Set Up

By using information technology, students can decide about their study, its time, its place and their resources. In digital environment students can share their ideas and experiences and using help from other students and teachers. Digital classroom comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. We equip the schools in installing quality digital classrooms.

Reaching Admissions targets (Enrolments)

Schools are finding very difficult for enrolments. The market has become very volatile with cutthroat competitions. Best of the best marketing strategies are not working well. SkillShare interference with its technical, committed and dedicated staff would help the schools to overcome the issue. The company gives written commitments for enrolments with timelines (yearly, monthly, weekly and daily targets) and makes sure that the desired enrolments are completed in the stipulated time.
SkillShare also places best marketing staff in the schools and does a thorough follow-up for the sure-shot admissions.

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