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Counseling Helps

Counseling helps us look inward, challenge assumptions and build resilience. It helps us Improve Relationships, Build Confidence, Overcome Peer Pressure, Cope with Stress, Anxiety & Depression. It EMPOWERS us by changing our perspective and equipping us with skillsets to become a better version of ourselves. A counselor will encourage you to share in a safe space, will listen to you intently, understand your thought patterns, and then help replace negative thoughts with positive ones. With guidance and practical tools, you will feel better and grow, at every step.

How does talking to a counselor help more than talking to others?

    Counselor                                                                                                 Others
  Free of judgment and bias                                                                      Fear of judgment and bias
  Qualified professional                                                                             May not be qualified
  Confidentiality is maintained                                                                   Fear of gossip, sharing of private details

What can I talk to a counselor about?
You can discuss any challenge you face in living happily. It can be about relationships with others, a significant other, marriage, career goals, academics, social interactions, friends, parenting, self-esteem and confidence and more. We’re here to listen and help.

How long is a session? What is the cost per session?

A Phone/Chat/Skype Session is of one hour. We charge INR 5000 for every session. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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