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How To Increase School Admissions?

Marketing Survey

How to increase school admissions? To attract your target students and their parents, you must be aware about what they are looking for in a school. Figuring out their concerns, expectations and requirements makes it easy to build market strategies. This survey analyses the efficiency of promotions and interactions under marketing strategies prepared and scrutinize parents' point of view in a school. This survey gives a deep insight into what parents want in a school to get them admitted there and what are their views about activities apart from curriculum. The survey will help guiding the market strategies in right direction and devising promotions in such a way that it aims the perspective of parents. Features The Marketing Survey focuses on six key areas: ●Influence on School Choice ●School Operations in school ●School Communication with parents ●School Events and extra-curricular activities ●Educational Outcomes ●Vision of the School Parent Opinion Survey In the ever-growing competition in educational institutes what significantly makes a difference is parental satisfaction. Moreover, students' productivity and achievements are directly associated with parental satisfaction as it is based on the healthy academic and scholastic environment of the school. Most of the schools fail to comprehend factors leading to parental satisfaction and do not adopt measures to pacify them with desired environment for their child. This survey guides the school management towards precise actions in attaining targets of parental satisfaction and identifying their concerns. Student Opinion Survey Students’ intellectual development and their wholesome academic growth is the foundational objective of education and it is must to ensure students' satisfaction by schools. Those students who are happy with the operations of school and are satisfied with the environment are much profound in academics and highly active and engaging in all activities. The extent of student satisfaction allows you to direct efforts into improvement of school and facilities provided. Students can best explain where the school is doing great and where there is scope for further improvement. Their opinion is valuable for school as they have knowledge and ability to offer constructive feedback about ways to improve their educational environment. This survey informs about the measures and actions school must exercise to appropriately intervene into services that provide student satisfaction and identifying their concerns. Exiting Student Survey Former students experienced the growth of their schools and they can easily assess the changes that triggered this growth. Their opinion is of utmost importance as they can efficiently provide feedback for a proactive strategy towards catalyzing development. This survey assists in understanding the aftermath of school education and how it benefits the students after school life and career. It analyses the efficiency of school’s fundamental principles into forming up a successful foundation of student at school level. Features:​ ●Guidance and Support ●School Environment ●Teacher Quality ●School Curriculum ●Learning Environment ●Personal Development ●Student Behavioral Values ●Technology and Resources ●Student Relationships ●Parent Communication ●Leadership and Management ●Relationship and Communication ●Self-Confidence ●Motivation

Marketing Planning

Skill Share conducts a Marketing Survey to scrutinize factors leading to admissions in the target school. A proper action plan is prepared considering all technical and psychological aspects of education. The survey may include a questionnaire to be filled by the stake holders/ direct interview with few stake holders/ school audit/ classroom observations/ interviewing the teachers, etc. The survey is thoroughly examined and then Skill Share embarks upon the potential improvement zones divided by the expert and dedicated staff. Based on financial and social status of parents and comparing with comparable schools, Skill Share ensures a specific percentage of admissions. Skill Share believes in the authenticity of commitment thus we make sure to commit in written for the desired number of admissions in allotted time. This whole process takes place in two ways/options: 1. Skill Share deploys staff selected by the school into forming up the plan and executing strategies for enrolments. 2. Skill Share takes the responsibility on its own shoulders and gets its expert team stationed in the schools. The entrepreneur can select any of the above based on the availability of finances, manpower, experts, etc.

Target Admission

Skill Share has excellent track record of committing to schools in writing for enrollments. It works with individual and group of schools. The figures shown here clearly depict the commitments given in different phases both for individual and group of schools. Skill Share is proud to have a highly skilled, dedicate, passionate and experienced team which is always ready to keep our track record of justifying our commitments and fulfilling them. To reach our target admissions, Skill Share either deploys its staff in consensus with the entrepreneur or completely takes over a place in the school to fulfill the desired outputs. It depends upon school owners/management which way they choose to get entertained.

How to get more School Admissions?